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Introducing the Thera Point Focal Pressure Support

Pain Point & Thera Point Strap
Explore the features and benefits of the Thera Point support strap

Advanced Therapy

Ground-breaking focal pressure elbow support uses advanced acupressure therapy to help relieve pain from tennis elbow and repetitive stress injury.

Thermal Benefits

Latex-free neoprene provides soothing heat therapy with focused acupressure for maximum relief of tennis elbow symptoms.

Improved Performance

Exclusive 3 way adjustable elbow strap for comfortable custom fit and improved mobility and performance.

Just how exactly does the Thera Point Support Strap reduce elbow pain?

"I am an active USTA 5.0 tennis player and have been playing tennis for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, I have been plagued by recurring chronic tennis elbow that got so bad it took me out of commission for months. Since I have been using the Thera Point tennis elbow brace, I found almost immediate ligament relief. On a scale of 1 - 10 on pain before using the Thera Point strap, I was at a nagging 8 where the pain got so bad I could hardly grip a handshake without grimacing from elbow pain. After only three days using the the Thera Point elbow brace, I was at a 3 and after two weeks, I no longer feel any pain or muscular soreness from tennis elbow. I'm back to playing competitive tennis. If you'd like a personal testimonial as well, I routinely play at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA, I'd be happy to show you my Thera Point elbow strap. I take it everywhere I play tennis."

− Johnny Faradjian

"I used the Thera Point for two weeks and felt a drop in pain level from a “6” down to a “1” with constant use in relieving my “tennis elbow” symptoms. I recommend that people try the Thera Point support as part of their pain management strategy."

− Kevin Swanson

"I felt relief of my symptoms almost immediately and vast improvement in about 2 weeks"

− T.T. San Diego, CA

"Immediate and lasting relief"

− B.G. Vista, CA

"To find a product that worked so quickly and effectively was truly amazing"

− B.S. San Diego, CA

Thera Point Focal Pressure Support
Not Just Another “Me-too” Elbow Support Strap.

Ancient Chinese Secret – Acupressure

Eastern Medicine has been using acupressure for thousands of years to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help speed up recovery from injuries.

Thera Point has taken that practiced knowledge and designed an amazing patent-pending tennis elbow support strap that significantly helps reduce elbow pain, inflammation and the risk of further injury by providing isometric stabilization as well.

Focal Pressure Support Patent-Pending

The patent-pending technology of the Thera Point Focal Pressure Support provides effective acupressure targeting trigger points to help relieve pain and inflammation while helping to increase mobility. This brings to light the ingenious, unique nature of the Thera Point support system in affecting physiological injuries from both tennis (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis).

  1. Helping reduce pain with active focal pressure on the trigger point.
  2. Helping reduce injury with isometric stabilization of the elbow tendon.

Tennis Elbow Injury Treatment

Dr. Christopher Bui, MD from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of West Los Angeles Veterans Administration/UCLA evaluated the effectiveness of theTheraPoint™ Focal Pressure Support as a non-invasive treatment of pain associated with lateral epicondylitis (LE). This study demonstrated that use of the TheraPoint™ Focal Pressure Support was:

  • Effective in reducing the VAS pain score of study participants.
  • Patients Post-treatment VAS pain scores decreased 86%
  • Shown to be a non-invasive therapeutic option for reducing pain associated with tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow is More Common Than You Think. Up to 9,450,000 Suffer From It.

Approximately 95% of all tennis elbow injuries are due to jobs and hobbies that require repetitive arm movements or gripping.

What Makes Thera Point Focal Pressure Supports Different?

  • Advanced support with focal pressure therapy
  • Use to help relieve symptoms of tennis / golfer elbow
  • Exclusive 3 way adjustability for custom fit and improved performance
  • Focal pressure technology (U.S. patent pending) provides unique therapeutic effect
  • Latex free neoprene construction provides thermal benefit.
  • Made of finest quality materials for maximum durability.
  • Suitable for use at work or play
  • Washable
About the Inventor

Don Johnson, Inventor

I suffered from tennis elbow for a year and a half. The pain and functional limitations were terrible. I went to see my doctor several times and had numerous rounds of physical therapy that included various stretches, manipulations and deep transverse friction massage (DTFM).

I purchased every type of strap, brace and support I could find. None these products were effective and my symptoms persisted. It got so bad that it even hurt to use my computer mouse. Finally, in desperation, I went back to the doctor who recommended a cortisone injection and some weeks later, another. After each injection I received some initial relief but the symptoms returned.

Some temporary relief had also been achieved with the DTFM applied during physical therapy sessions so I began applying pressure and massaging the spot on my forearm that gave me relief. I experienced reduced pain and improved grip strength while doing this but it was extremely awkward at best. So began the process to develop a product that could be worn regularly to provide a similar therapeutic effect. I came up with the initial design and began to wear it for several hours a day. I felt immediate pain relief, improved grip strength and honestly, my symptoms were gone in about two weeks. I went back to my doctor  and showed him the prototype support that I devised, explained how it worked and the relief I experienced. He was amazed and said… “I think you’re on to something”.

Thera Point FAQs

What size Thera Point Focal Pressure support should I order?

Measure the circumference of your forearm approximately 3″ from the elbow then order as follows:

SM < 7″
MED 7″- 10″
L 10″-12″
XL over 12″

Where should I position the Thera Point support on my arm?

Using your opposite hand, locate the spot on your forearm that gives you relief when pressure is applied (usually about 3″ down from your elbow. See instructions tab for more detail

How tight should Thera Point be?

The inner strap should be adjusted to comfortably fit the circumference of your forearm while positioning the focal pressure on the appropriate spot. The outer strap should be adjusted so as to comfortably apply the level of pressure required for your individual needs.

How long should I wear Thera Point each day?

Do not wear for more than 2-3 hours per day.

Can I wear Thera Point while playing sports, working or other physical activities?

Yes. Wearing it while active actually increases the effectiveness of the focal pressure.

Should I wear Thera Point while sleeping?

No. Do not wear while sleeping.

Is Thera Point washable?

Frequent washing with warm water and mild soap is recommended; air dry. Do not machine dry. Do not dry-clean.

The Thera Point
Tennis Elbow Support Strap

Get the elbow support strap that is tested to be effective for maximum treatment approach for faster recovery from tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow injury.